Our Story

Humble beginnings and sweeter endings

The Little Miss Mocha was founded in the year 2020, but its heart was truly born back in the 90s.
Growing up my mother only had the basics in life and her family wasn’t able to provide her with a birthday cake every year. She wanted to make sure that her future children, me and my sister, would never skip a year without a birthday cake. She went straight to the kitchen and did a lot of work and with trial and error she eventually created the perfect recipe.
The year I was born was the year Jojie’s Favorites Cakes and Pastries was curated, 1992. I remember growing up I was surrounded by great flavors and designs but through the years of watching my parents run their business I realized that the most important ingredient was always love.
What started as a humble dream to promise my sister and I a cake every year grew into a Twenty- eight year old business.
Today Jojie’s Favorites continues to run, specializing in home made steamed buns.
With a Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management background, 15 years of kitchen experience, an extremely supportive husband and a whole lot of love, I have honed my life in hopes to share our family legacy with your family and friends. The Little Miss Mocha is a modern rendition of my mothers classic recipes and we hope that we can spread joy and grow with your family and friends through all your special life occasions!

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