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Mocha Pnp.png


The Original

Mocha, is the original flavor that was first made 28 years ago, making her a big part of our history. It is no wonder why Mocha is the most popular!  With the softest chiffon texture and a light coffee butter cream, Mocha will sure steal your heart.

Cheesy Ensaymada

A Unique Twist

Ensaymada cake is our new creation. We like to think of her as a reinvented cheese cake. But she really is based off of a type of Filipino butter bread.  With a delicate vanilla chiffon wrapped in a creamy butter cream, topped with freshly shaved white cheddar. The flavors will for sure please your taste buds.

ENSAY Pnp.png


An Instant Classic

Ube, is a classic flavor from the Philippines. The mixture of purple yam, sweet coconut and our butter cream is a lavish marriage of flavor.
Whether Ube is a reminiscent taste or a new one in your books, you will definitely enjoy this one. 

Matcha Monster

Tea Lovers Paradise

Matcha is a trendy cake that features a really popular tea, Green Tea. To enrich its flavor we us real tea leaves, as well as real matcha powder. With a subtle darkness in the chiffon cake, Matcha monster is wrapped in a lush green tea butter cream. It is not a surprise that matcha is a tea lovers paradise.

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